Founded in 2006, The Thomas Agency, LLC, a Real Estate Company has provided superior service in residential and commercial real estate, specializing in serving the needs of investors in the Metropolitan Detroit, Michigan market.  The founder, Aisha J. Thomas had a vision to expand beyond facilitating traditional sale and lease transactions and provide a complete range of sales, leasing, consulting, development, and management services. With access to large portfolios of property listings and clients throughout the country, The Thomas Agency is prepared to fulfill all commercial and residential real estate requirements. In 2013 and 2014, we expanded our markets by partnering in Southern California and becoming licensed as The Thomas Agency of Georgia, LLC in Georgia, respectively.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to help our clients build legacies, one property at a time by educating and providing professional commercial and residential real estate brokerage services to our clients while saving them time and money.

Social Impact Statement

Our mission is to increase minority representation in the commercial real estate industry where it is less than 1%, by mentoring women and minorities and providing educational and employment opportunities. We also advocate for affordable housing in the markets we serve by volunteering with local community development organizations and lobbying local government. 

To be the premier real estate investment consulting firm in Metropolitan Detroit and Metropolitan Atlanta. Where we assist our clients with the acquisition, disposition, leasing and development of real property.